Dark energy, simple explanation.                          October 14 , 2019

Dark energy, I will explain very simply. It is the energy (the only one) that is released by the Big Bang. Part of it has changed to matter , that is, matter and field, and the rest has been converted to other energies of that matter. The simplest example of these other energies is the kinetic energy of the material objects of the universe. This is a direct expansion of the universe, but also the other movement of galaxies and stars in galaxies. All these movements are naturally hampered by gravity or maintained in orbit.

Now comes my assumption - hypothesis. I refuse to believe that matter can remain in its quality (for example, the ability to act gravitationally), for example, in the "gravitational press" that is located in the centers of galaxies the size of our galaxy. So I assume that here in the singularity of this central object (in my opinion in the Gray object) there is a "disappearance" of gravitational mass. From the point of view of some physical energy inventory, we can say straight away that matter turns into dark energy.

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And this "inventory" is precisely why dark energy repels, because if gravity is lost, gravity weakens and the movement of the objects of the universe becomes less obstructed, galaxies will disintegrate (formation of a bar in galaxies) and the universe will expand rapidly.

Author : Richard Palkovac  –  www.riki1.eu


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