Why are photons so important and decisive ?                                        august 21 , 2022

In some of my articles, you will read about the possibility of the photon nature of consciousness, and actually about the photon nature of the entire world around us, including us.

Why is it so, what leads me to it? Isn't it just an ordinary idea that arose in my mind for no reason? Not ! It is a sequence of clues stemming from my knowledge.

If you want to understand this, you have to start by understanding the special theory of relativity. Not by studying it, but by understanding it, just like Einstein did. So you have to start on a "green field" as they say. You have to rediscover it for yourself. Maybe some of my articles will help you, but the main emphasis must be on your logic.

If you come to the realization through your reasoning that if we believe in the existence of physics, which applies equally to everyone, then relativity (special) is a necessity, a matter of course, then you are on the right track.

As for Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, it is enough for you to understand its essence, which is the assumption that gravity and inertia are one and the same thing.

If you understand this and understand all this perfectly (I emphasize again that understanding does not mean studying mathematical formulas, that is now irrelevant), then you must also understand that photons (gravitons) create the illusion of time and space around us.

The essence of time and space can no longer be a mystery to you. If they still remain a mystery, then you have not understood everything.

What I have described so far is not metaphysics, but pure physics. Metaphysics follows only now.

Therefore, if photons (gravitons) only create an illusion of time and space (not real time and space), then matter cannot exist as or where, and thus it is also only an illusion, including all objects and our body. I describe the rest in this article of mine:



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