Why gravitational singularities exist and why are they immaterial ?       October 25 , 2022

Why gravitational singularities exist.

The simple answer is, because there is a lot of matter in the universe. If the entire universe consisted only of our solar system, we could argue. If we concentrate all the mass of this system in one place, will the gravitational pressure be sufficient for the collapse of the mass in the center into a dimensionless point, a singularity ?

However, such a controversy is completely out of the question when we consider the amount of matter that is found, for example, in the center of our galaxy. After all, the structure of matter cannot withstand such gravitational pressure almost indefinitely. So, with such objects, a singularity must occur, i.e., mass must be pushed into a dimensionless point.

Why gravitational singularities are immaterial.

First we need to understand what matter is, i.e. substance and field. The essence of these substances is the vibration of particles, it is actually the vibration of energy. Vibration as such needs space, without space no vibration can exist. In a singularity, a dimensionless point, vibrations cannot exist and thus energy in the form of matter cannot exist here either, and therefore gravitational singularities must be immaterial. Immaterial singularities cannot have gravitational effects. Matter is lost, disappears in these singularities. If we want to describe the movement of objects in such a universe (where matter is lost), we have to get this lost matter into a mathematical formula. And physicists put negative, dark, energy into that formula. So this disappearing matter is actually the mysterious dark energy.

This article describes the essence of my Gray Objects hypothesis.


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