Photonism. Is materialism religion ?                                                January 13 , 2023

My answer is yes. But why do I think that? After all, materialism is deeply based on mathematical and physical equations - relationships. It is also supported by our technical practice. Other religions are, compared to materialism, only fairy tales, legends in terms of foundation. But it is also his Achilles' heel, because all he has to do, is show that the equations are wrong and it is defeated.

Why is there such a big difference between materialism and other religions? It is due to the fact, that all other religions, are from the point of view of materialism, an insignificant, peripheral part of materialism. I do not know a religion that does not use at least minimal materialism, i.e. at least the minimal role of matter, i.e. substance, or even the field.

Although we cannot equate materialism with contemporary physics and mathematics, because materialism is a philosophy, that claims, that everything that exists is either matter or is dependent on matter. But we can assume, that if the materialistic philosophy is correct, the world around us must be mathematically describable, for example by physical formulas.

And it seems at first glance that the world around us is mathematically describable. Our technical practice supports it. But I claim that the world around us can only be described approximately mathematically, although it is accurate enough for our technical practice, but for basic science, it is not mathematically describable!

The first "inconvenience" of materialism is the ever-increasing entropy. Materialistic physics assumes an ever-increasing entropy as a fact. At the same time, however, all physical formulas that describe our world are reversible in time. At the same time, it is clear to every physicist that no physical event is reversible. Increasing entropy is not taken into account in any physical formula describing our world.

Another "discomfort" of materialism is the gravitational singularity. It is a dimensionless point into which matter is pushed in the centers of objects with a large concentration of matter. Here, mathematics and therefore also materialistic physics ends with description.

The last "inconvenience" of materialism known to me so far is consciousness, which is actually also referred to as a kind of singularity. The origin of consciousness is not mathematically describable and thus derivable from matter.

Of course, the staunch materialist will say that these "inconveniences" are only imperfections of present materialistic science and will be removed in the future.

But I offer a fundamentally different solution, which I called photonism.


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